From Family History to Fiction

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Some years ago I began interviewing my mother about her years growing up during World War II. I’d heard all the stories repeated over the years, of course. But there was one comment that she made one day which made me realise this was material I could use. She said her mother had been proud of her bookworm daughter. ‘But’ my mother said, ‘I didn’t really read all the books I borrowed from the library. I used to sit with one open on my lap pretending to read while I eavesdropped on the conversation around me.’

I could see this. I could suddenly see my mother – not as she is or, really, as she was but as one of my characters.

This became a story I wanted to write.

I’m going to use this platform to talk about how I’m going to go about writing this story – the way I’m going to shift it from family history into the realm of fiction.

I’ll post about the various reference materials I’ll be using and the process of turning that research into a vivid fictional background.

Stay posted – and keep in touch!

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